Simple Restaurant Template

If you own a restaurant and are looking to set up your website, then this template would be ideal for you. You can opt to write about the restaurant and bar sections, make your place unique with a little story about how the restaurant started, description of your specialties and a taste of your style. You also have the option of sharing the menu so that connoisseurs can take a quick look before they hop in. Present your team to the visitors. On the home page, under secondary tabs are the options of making reservations via phone as well as the restaurant timings, so fill in the required business information. Furthermore, you can add a map giving directions to your restaurant. Set up your food business online with this template to reach out to a larger base of foodies!

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Trendy Restaurant Layout

Trendy and yet simple, this template is totally responsive and free... Try it, it is free!

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Free Web page for Pub

Having a pub or a restaurant is a great experience, isn't it? But building a website for it was not really in your plan when you opened the place. If you have a pub then you will want to promote yourself by creating a website with this template, you need to be online. It has never been easier for you to share the fun and exciting things you have happening at the pub, the food and snacks that you offer as well as any promotions you may have like this Happy Hour deal. And ofcourse, add your address and directions to help people find you!

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Catering Website Template

Promote your catering business by using this template to build a beautiful website. Post your menus online, present your chef and describe his cuisine. Share your prices or request quotes by the contact page or simply add a cart.

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Healthy Cooking Template

More and more people have started to examine what they can do in their lives to eat better, there is definitely a growing market. If you know how to go about healthy cooking then you might want to create a website where you can share your knowledge with this growing market. That is why you would use this template. You will have a place where you can promote classes that you may be offering for examples, or share your partners' deals. Make sure you take few minutes to talk about yourself, how you got into healthy cooking and how it changed your lifestyle. There is a section on this template for that, as well as a webpage for you to put your contact information.

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Meat Restaurant Theme

Steaks have a special place in the hearts of food lovers and this template will help the local cravers to find you. Publish your menu and opening hours and share some pictures to illustrate your restaurant. You can also write about a brief history about your place and your team. Insert a Google map and make sure your local business is listed.

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Bed and Breakfast Website

Is your a bed and breakfast business lacking a website? This template features six web pages, namely Home, About Us, Rooms & Rates, Our Property, Location, and Contact. Write about what makes you the best service providers among all out there, describe the types of rooms and their rates, add pictures, describe the property, and its location, and lastly, provide your contact details. The social networking widgets at the top left hand corner of the template make it easier for you to connect with your audience through all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Share your phone number so that customers can call up and make reservations at their convenient time.

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Pizza Place Website

This attractive pizzeria website template features an excellent design that is going to help you easily showcase your pizza place. Use the simple website layout to present your pizza and homemade pasta specialties. Your pizza place is probably already enjoying a great degree of popularity thanks to your special sauce recipes and secret spices, but using this template will give you the chance to get in touch with more clients through your brand new site.
Your pizza loving clients will have the chance to instantly get in touch with you on the most important social networking sites and hence keep up with your latest products added to your menu. You can use the special takeaway section of this small business website template and process online orders which are very popular for a few years now. Use the main menu to describe your pizza place and its physical location and take advantage of the Specials’ section to display your best products.

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Sushi Restaurant Website

Use this elegant sushi website template and capture the special feel of your restaurant through excellent graphics. Use the About and Gallery sections to describe your sushi restaurant, its history, the type of sushi products you offer, their ingredients and prices though the menu page, and take the opportunity to display photos of your sushi masterpieces. This template also features the Reservations' section which enables interested clients to make a reservation via phone or email, check out a map of your exact location, get extra contact details, look at the your opening hours or check out your happy hours. The simple design and its ease of use enables you to add all you want, for example a takeaway section to take online orders.

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Food Retailer Template

If you are a food retailer and you need to present your business and make it more visible online, this simple food retailer website template will definitely throw you hand you need. The amazingly attracting design of the simple web template will allow you to speak about your services, your company / business and your special recipes. You will have the chance to use the special products' page to describe the ingredients of each of the products you are currently offering, along with explicit product pictures and other additional information you might want to offer to your clients. You can reach your clients even more through this excellently built small business website template by providing them with special recipes of the foods they could be making with the help of the products you are retailing. They will also be able to use the special contact form of this food retail web page and get in touch with you via the most popular social networking web sites.

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Food Delivery Template

Are you targeting the one who have no time to cook a nurturing turkey dinner after a hectic day at the office? It is time to make your food delivery business shine through this excellent simple template. Edit it and make it perfectly reflect your services and products. Use the About Us section of the simple website layout and tell your story and the way your food delivery business started. Let people become more familiarized with you and use the Meals Gallery section to display pictures of your fresh foods. The Order web page will enable clients to rapidly order food for regular events, parties, weddings, and everything in between.

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French Restaurant Simple Template

If you are the finest cook in town but you don't know anything about website building, keep calm and check this ready made template. Are you eager to let the world know about your new venture? This website template would be your perfect choice in this case. Six web pages are waiting for you to customize them with your own information (your story, your chefs, your menu, reservation details). Pictures might also help convincing your future happy guests so don't hesitate to add pictures of your place and best dishes. It is very easy to customize and publish. , and even post images of different cuisines on offer in the picture gallery. The simple background with interesting patterns makes it pleasant to the eyes. Don't wait any longer and try it, it is totally free! You can have your restaurant website online today.

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Templates from Scratch

If you are a freestyler in a kitchen, that you are convinced that with good ingredients, it can't be bad, try this philosophy on a blank website page. Start it now!

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