Artist Portfolio Template

This Artist Portfolio Template has an impressive design which will enable you to express your style and creativity without having to code or program anything. The free web page template has been created to cater to the needs of artists looking to place their portfolios online. You will be able to edit everything, starting with the type of tabs or pages, buttons, fonts and font colours you would like to see changed. You will get the final look you are aiming for in just a few minutes with little effort. Add your best works with the easy-to-use gallery editor, change the background with a few clicks and have it express your own style. You’ll have your artist portfolio up and running, waiting to be published on the web. This simple website layout will help you throw the light on your art categories – creatures, landscapes, portraits, and everything in between. The five-page menu will allow you to present yourself and offer fast contact details.

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Free HTML5 Online Resume

Having an online resume is not just trendy, it’s an absolute must. This simple HTML5 resume contains 4 main pages, Home, CV, Projects and Contact. Use each of them wisely and add all the relevant information your potential recruiters might be looking for. In just a few clicks, add your recently updated resume, talk about your important projects, provide your contact details such as your phone number, web site address, email address, and social media links. Send your professional looking resume online to boost your career.

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Free and Simple Model Portfolio

This template model portfolio will provide you with all the tabs, pages, and quick social media links you will need to boost your career as a model. Use the simple website layout to rapidly upload your best portfolio pictures and get new projects faster than ever. Try it now!

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Author Website

Promote your new book, share your articles and get an online portfolio to boost your sales or career thanks to this fully responsive website design.

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Free One Pager

Let's admit it, you can never enjoy too much promotion. And this free template is here to help you gain even more popularity. No matter what kind of skills or business you will showcase, this free web page is straight to the point and it is a powerful marketing tool. Try the simple website layout today – it comes with zero risks, it is free and easy to edit.

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Journalist Website

Featuring four pages and a modern, professional design, this Journalist Simple Web Template will allow you to present your work as an investigative journalist. Compatible with all browsers and responsive, upload your own content. Display your latest article to the left side of the home page for rapid access and edit everything in a matter of minutes with the help of the simple editor and drag and drop option.

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Writer Website

Choose a catchy slogan, share your best pieces, contact and biography and have a website up and running in a matter of minutes. It will ensure your a professional look with very little work. And update it online with an easy drag-and-drop editor.

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Online Resume Template

If you want to forget about the times when you’ve lost your resume or failed to save your latest updates and ended up sending the wrong file to a potential employer, the Online Resume Website Template is here to help. Use this free, all browser types-compatible web page and its edit-ready functions and really put yourself out there in just a few minutes. Rapidly edit your resume online using the Resume tab, select your preferred font and font color and personalize this simple website layout any way you want to so it can fit your personality. Send the right message concerning your line of work using the Projects tab. The minimalistic two-page menu placed on top of the free web page also includes the Contact page. On the right side of the page you will see the Skills and Languages sections which you can immediately click on for fast editing.

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Performing Artist Website Template

Are you a band or a solo performing artist looking to boost your popularity, make yourself seen and heard of, and help your fans permanently check out the dates of your upcoming concerts, tours, or performance dates? The four-page Performing Artist Web Template is going to help you quickly accomplish everything. Use the Info and Contact tabs to provide your visitors with details regarding your band members, the music genre you are performing, the idea that stood behind the creation of your band or the writing of your songs and so on. Take advantage of the Gallery and edit it adding the best tour, concert, or studio photos. The Music section will allow you to easily upload your tracks or similar music your fans might also appreciate. This website template also features the Tour tab which can be edited with just a few clicks so that it features content that is relevant to your own dates.

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Web Designer Portfolio

Home. About Me. Contact. What else do you need as a web designer trying to promote yourself through an online web site? Keep things clear and simple and let your work do all the talking. Use the Web Designer Free Portfolio simple web template and create a powerful impact on your visitors and potential clients. Present your biggest, most important projects right on the home screen provide all the necessary details, explain the way you envisioned the final product and add clicks to the respective sites. The edit-ready content can be immediately changed with just a few clicks. The style and colour of the font can also be changed according to your needs. Take advantage of this free web page to add relevant information concerning your work and experience in the About Me section. Insert your contact details and let visitors get in touch with you via the pre-edited online form.

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Unleash your creativity

You need a website to showcase your talents, your best pictures, your best pieces so far? How about having it built from scratch, just the way you like it? Create your very own online website using the blank page. Be the master of your own ideas and easily put everything into practice. The easy-to-customize blank template will enable you to make the most of this simple website template. Whether you need to add special photo galleries to showcase your latest haute-couture creations, paintings, web design projects, or modeling-related appearances in magazines or commercials. The free web page is compatible with all browser types and you can rapidly change the style or color of the font and add the layout if your choice thanks to the edit-ready features. Add social networking links so that your clients can reach you on the spot and send your site online today!

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