One Pager Template

To keep things at a minimum level of simplicity when creating your next online web site and promoting yourself or your business, select this HTML one pager simple web template. You will get the chance to upload your very own logo and personalize your important page on the web. Tell your story in a smart way using a modern, up-to-date approach. You will be able to create an amazingly powerful impact on your targeted audience or potential prospects. Give them an unexpectedly minimalist, yet unbelievably strong site layout and design and gain their trust over. Don’t make things more complicated than they should be by adding pages and items you don’t really need on your web page. Use this template as your very own business card. Use the header and the footer to add all the social links or copyright texts you need. The “Show on all pages” option will allow you to make your easy pick. Drag and drop your desired items to the website footer and do the same with the header. Edit everything with simple clicks, change the fonts or the colors of the fonts and select different backgrounds. You can also fill your page with more buttons and even a menu using the Add+ > the “buttons and menus” option.

Edit One Pager
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