Start From Scratch - Blank Template

If you like to do things on your own and make sure everything turns out perfect, use the Start From Scratch HTML Template. The simple web template will allow you to fully express your creativity online. Cleverly make your products, services, or ideas known on the web by using this simple website layout. The easy editing options won’t force you to know any programming language or special web design skills. You’ll be looking at a blank HTML page just like a painter is looking at his white canvas, preparing to create a genuine masterpiece. But what sets you apart from a painter is the fact that you will be allowed to constantly use the editing option and bring changes to your work. The feature enabling you to drag-and-drop items will have you adding photo galleries, videos, and any other similar objects you might want to see showing up on your site. You can add your very own “about me” or “about the company” and “products/services” pages, add contact information and social media networking options on the bottom right corner of the home page for more online interaction with your customers. Moreover, you should not have a hard time selecting your preferred layout for your pages and rearranging your menu buttons in a way that is more convenient to you.

Edit From Scratch
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