Cake Shop Free Web Template

Add pictures of your specialties, describe your cakes and pastries. Showcase your special creations for events like birthdays, weddings and business events. Do your local business a favor by having an awesome website to look modern and professional and to drive new customers. The vintage design will charm your visitors and your pictures will make mouth water.

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Pub or Bar Website

Having a pub or a restaurant is a great experience, isn't it? But building a website for it was not really a priority when you opened the place. But you don't have a choice and need to be part of the online world if you want to promote yourself on social medias and reach your audience. It has never been easier for you to share the fun and exciting things happening at the pub, the food and snacks that you offer as well as any promotions you may have like this Happy Hour deal. And of course, add your address and directions to help people find you from their smartphones for example.

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Catering Business

Promote your catering business by using this template to build a beautiful website. You will be able to post your menu, your prices, your cooking style and attract new customers.s

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Healthy Cooking

More and more people are willing to get a healthier lifestyle. This growing market is looking for healthy recipes online. Share your knowledge in this website template and promote your cooking classes and your partners' deals.

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Bed and Breakfast Simple Web Page

Is your a bed and breakfast business lacking a website? Then this website template would be the best bet for you to reach your potential customers. Write about what makes you the best service providers among all out there, describe the types of rooms and their rates, add pictures, write about the USP of the property, tell about the location, and lastly, provide your contact details. The social networking widgets at the top left hand corner make it easier for you to connect with your audience through all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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Bakery Website

This bakery website template has a simple, vintage look and with it you can easily showcase your own specialties. It is easily customisable, and can be published, online, in minutes. It is ideal to get your bakery website online today! Add pictures of your specialties, in this free template and you can describe your cakes and pastry. You might want to tell your story, especially if it folksy like the first bakery in torn, or started by your great grandparents when they came from the old country. Edit it easily for free to match your product selection and watch business increase.

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Patisserie Website

A sweet website for your sweet business. Check it out!

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Food Retailer Free Web Template

Get your business more online visibility by customizing this web design for food retailer. Simple and professional, you will upload your pictures and your contents in a few clicks and be able to have a running website today.

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Food Delivery Website

Built for food delivery businesses, this template will help you have a professional looking website to promote your offer. Share menus, prices and delivery details and let your visitors enjoy an easy to navigate website or even call you to order in a click from their smartphones.

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Brewery Company Website

Brewery companies always have an interesting story behind them. For a chance to tell your brewery's tale in a way that is going to delight your clients and make them want to visit you fast, this brewery company website template will work magic. Use the Our Story section of the simple website layout to speak about your brewery's history. The section entitled Beers which you can edit and rename it or completely change its design will help you display the beers you are currently selling, their ingredients, alcohol percentage, calories etc. You can also use the special Events page of this free web page to speak about beverage-related events in the country or in your state, beer-related festivals or concerts and many more. Stay connected with your clients through the contact form for Facebook and Twitter fans and followers. The map on the contact form is an excellent final touch in providing your clients the directions they need to personally visit you.

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Bed and Breakfast Website

Showcase your cozy rooms, top services, and special activities your guests will enjoy. Play with the backgrounds images to display some scenery your B&B is offering. Add your rates and a booking system to facilitate your future guests stay. Horse-riding, seashore walks, sunbathing on a secluded or popular beach, breakfast in bed, pool access, describe all activities you are proposing on web pages that have been pre-built for it.

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French Restaurant Website

If you are the finest cook in town but you don't know anything about website building, keep calm and check this ready made template. Six web pages are waiting for you to customize them with your own information (your story, your chefs, your menu, reservation details). Pictures might also help convincing your future happy guests so don't hesitate to add pictures of your place and best dishes. This simple design is all you need to promote your restaurant on the Internet. Don't wait any longer and try it, you can have your restaurant website online today.

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Night Club Web Page

So if you are planning to take a plunge into starting a website which keeps its arms open to the party animals of the town, then this would be your ultimate weapon to get started with a big bang. Customize it with your own pictures, details of your special nights and parties and let them find you with an integrated map. All these can be done online with a easy drag-and-drop editor. Try it now and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media platform where you want to promote your club.

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Blank HTML Template

If you are a freestyler in a kitchen, that you are convinced that with good ingredients, it can't be bad, try this philosophy on a blank website page. Start it now!

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