Kid Toys Web Template

This template would be your most preferred choice if you want to charm both parents and kids. This template features six web pages to showcase your various products. The vibrant background in green with cute images sprinkled all over the website makes it a really impressive template to be considered for your business. While the About, FAQ, and Contact tabs allow you to present information about your business, the Shop and Cart tabs allow you to describe and sell your products via the web. Edit, and customize this template with ease and bring your online business portal to life in minutes.

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Preschool Free Website

Do you own a preschool and want families around to find you? Then this template is best suited for you. You can write about your preschool initiative, present the different programs you offer and your staff. The News & Events page will help you share your special activities to come and the pictures of the last ones. The colourful and bright design will charm parents and kids. Edit the template, choose and customise the way you want to add a whole new dimension to your preschool.

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Art School Website

In this colourful template, describe your early learning classes and artistic activities for children. Add a few testimonials from parents, present your team and present all your services, workshops in this Activity Center Template. Your center will enjoy a professional looking design to promote your business online and share it on social media.

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Educational Toys Store

Spread the word about your new educational toys store. Showcase all your great games and tools to help kids discover the world and have fun. The cute and fun background and feel of this website layout will match your products and will soon become your best marketing tool.

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