SEPT 11 2014


The main advantage of using a website building platform is that it enables even the least experienced of web surfers to create their very own website. With the help of a simple template provided by a top website builder you will make yourself visible in the online environment. And in case you are currently managing your own business, you need one ASAP, to get visibility and grow your customer portfolio. Even if you don’t sell online, you need it so that prospects, customers, fans, can find you, reach you and get updates.
We encourage you to check out the hundreds of simple templates on Fields such as photography, architecture and real estate, beauty and fashion, computers and technology, lifestyle, business, or restaurant, and many more are covered in the template library.
We tried this WebsiteBuilder.Com for you! Here is an example of how fast and simple website building can be.

  • Step 1: Create a WebsiteBuilder account

    Create Your WebsiteBuilder Account

    Click here then click on “Start Your Website”.
    Use the quick signup form: enter your full name, email address, and select a password and click the Get Started button.
    A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have provided and a personal account manager will welcome you to the WebsiteBuilder experience.

  • Step 2: Select a Template that Matches Your Need

    Website Template Gallery

    Once you have quickly created your online account, pick the template category you are interested in. Once logged in into your account you will be able to manually search for a template or select the recently added or the most popular templates for a more customized template search process. For this example we are going to select the ‘Design’ category which can be found in the top menu. Wait for the templates to quickly load on your screen and browse through them to choose the most suitable one.
    If you are not sure on what to look for in a template, read our post on How to Choose the Perfect Template Here.

  • Step 3: Edit your website

    Edit Your Own Site

    You can quickly preview each template and decide whether it suits your needs and start editing on the spot with the help of the ‘Preview’ and ‘Edit’ buttons. We have selected the Victoria Baines design template for proper exemplification. This particular simple design template contains the basic Home, About Me, Projects, and Contact pages.

    You can either opt for the classic desktop or mobile version of the website editor by just clicking on the relevant icon (from the right side of the top menu):

    Mobile or Desktop Site Preview

    Once you are done, click ‘Start Editing’ and wait for the website editor to load. This will only take a few seconds and it will lead to the left-side menu. Here, you will be allowed to add new pages if necessary and edit the existing ones with your own content and according to your customized design needs. Every element on a template page can be edited with the help of a variety of options. The website building process is hence seemingly simplified. You can select your favorite style and formatting for the titles and content, pick a different layout for the entire page and even add SEO elements (from the ‘Settings’ option). You can program each of them so they can trigger different actions such as animations (sale, pop up animation, rotate, show or hide), scrolling, navigation, form, video, or Google Analytics – each with its own associated online behavior you can personally select. Change Template's Title Plus, the site builder allows you to use the ‘Design’ options from the main left-handed menu and edit the page background using customized images, change the style of the page titles, headings, body texts, and even choose your favorite fonts and matching colors. Your portfolio as an interior designer will need to draw all the attention and stick out of the crowd since competition is harsh. So take your time and perform all the necessary changes then use the ‘Preview’ option from the top menu to see the new changes. Once you are done, click ‘Finish Preview’ and go back to editing in case you need additional changes. Edit Your Site with the Design Tool You can use the Undo, Redo, Copy, Paste, Snap to Grid, Columns Grid, Rulers, Save, and Publish options available in the same upper menu and gain complete control of your simple website building process. Each of the templates comes accompanied by shortcuts to popular social media networks and you will be able to rapidly edit them by adding more, changing images, fonts, styles and colors and make sure they stick out for your visitors. This way, you will keep in touch with them at all times.

    Manage Your website

    You can also manage the settings of your website with the help of the left-side ‘Manage’ button you will find at the bottom of the ‘create my site’ template. The three main settings that you will be allowed to change are related to your site, social, and e-commerce necessities.
    Select ‘Site’ from the submenu and you will be allowed to add meta tags for your site which will be connected to the head element of the pages or add site header or footer HTML. Click ‘Save’ once you are done editing. Select the ‘Social’ option and edit your Facebook page URL and bring all the other necessary changes to your social media profile details your visitors will use to share or get in touch.

    Online Editor - Title

    If you need more images, buttons, containers, pages, videos, text, shapes, maps, forms, galleries, documents, or flash elements for any of the pages on your new website template, you will get to immediately add them with the help of the ‘Add’ option in the left-hand menu. Click on your desired page element and you will soon find out the answer to the ‘Why should I create my site by myself?’ question that might be bugging you. With a simple click on the Image or Buttons options for instance you will get to manually place each of these new page elements right in the spot you desire. You can also edit it as previously discussed and make sure your website pages include all of the elements you need to make yourself seen, heard of, talked about, visited, recommended to others, and even contracted by new clients who need top interior decorating services.

  • Step 4: Choose a Name and Publish Your Website

    Publish Your Website

    When you are satisfied with the look and that you are ready to get "live", click on the Publish button on the top right of the editor. You will have to choose a name for your website and confirm it. Another click... and your website is live!
    It took you a few minutes and here you are with a professional looking website live!
    You will have the opportunity to modify it, and update it as much as you want afterward too, just by logging in again.

    To conclude, allows you to have your own unique website in a few minutes. We tried and we can only recommend it. There is a free version which is very handy. The upgrades are also affordable in case you need some extra services. Give it a try too here here and feel free to share your comments!