Small Business Marketing – Online Advertising - part 1

More than 90 percent of all consumers on the market perform online researches concerning the products/services they want to buy. Many of them decide to stick around and complete their shopping online using their computers or smart devices. Small business owners can therefore throw the focus on developing small business marketing strategies; they can boost their sales and better promote themselves in the online environment by directly connecting with web shoppers.

  • Plan Ahead How To Grow Your Business

    If you are looking to grow your local business, you will need to start by setting all of your goals, then move to the identification of your targeted market segments. Use your already existing site to pick the brains of your current customers; find out what are their likes and dislikes, comments and suggestions, find out what other online places they go to and so on. You will hence improve your site, but do not hesitate to see what your competitors also have to say. Decide upon a strategy you can easily implement and remember to track your results.
    Learn how to create appealing website content that can drive more online visitors; find out how to promote your deals, discounts, or new releases so you can generate bigger foot traffic to your land stores. Find out what sort of marketing ideas your competition is using and see if you can get something useful out of them - not everything is prone to work (for you too) but it is worth a shot. Paint a clear painting of your potential buyers: who are they, what are their interested and hobbies, expectations and needs? How can you meet their needs through your products/services, what’s their location and how can all this information help you better target and sell to them?

  • Small Business Marketing Tips: Use Local Listings And Search Ads

    You can make full use of local listing and classifieds to grow your business on the web. Make your own business listings on specialized sites and help online users searching for businesses in your region come across yours. See if you can list and at the same time promote your business by mentioning your promos and special offers or discounts. Adding your business to a customer review site will help online users express their unbiased feelings and opinions about your line of work or products.
    You can also make full use of search advertising tools in order to place your ad on a page near the results of the most powerful search engines. You can have your business message or creed be delivered to the user typing in the description of the service pr product you are personally offering. Carefully use the right keywords and keyword phrases an make sure you keep them as relevant as possible. This way, you will get as close as possible to your prospects.

  • Grow Your Business With Geotargeting: Target Your Prospects More Accurately

    You can make full use of the geotargeting technique to place ads in the precise locations of your prospects and potential buyers. Google Places is one place to get you started in this regard, and you could go ahead and create a listing here so you can solely promote your products/services in the area that you can actually cover. By finding out the geolocation of the online user visiting your site, you will get to offer him personalized content and information related to the respective location. Countries, cities, regions, metro areas, zip codes, IP addresses – all of these make for criteria used when geolocating online website visitors.

  • Smart Device Marketing For Your Local Business

    Whether your clients are stepping in inside your land shops or stores or they are visiting your online sites, they have one thing in common at the moment: smartphones/tablets. And with the web browsing featured by all of these smart mobile devices, not taking advantage of this huge advertising platform is one of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid making. All you need to do is configure intelligent promo campaigns that can reach these mobile users and cater to their needs or draw their attention on the spot. Out of a sea of choices to be able to provide them with well-thought at, creative promotions, deals, and special offers featuring the right text messages or the use of their favorite social networks like Facebook or Twitter will definitely create some positive results. Enable social network members to share their own experiences with using your products or services via comments and posts. Encourage them to recommend your products and try to offer nice incentives such as free samples, the possibility to receive custom-made products, discounts for monthly subscriptions and so on.
    Similar to social networks, web sites that enable group buying will provide your small business marketing strategies with the impulse they need. These group buying programs trigger deals for several buyers at a time, in case they decide to join hands and become a part of a collective buying group. So you could also grow your business using this idea – there is a large number of such programs you can find online, and you could join several at a time for better results.

  • Use Online Videos To Enter New Markets

    You could post new videos presenting your local business, new products or services or even create brief presentations of your team and get to reach different audiences. Reaching new prospects can be easily done with the help of specialized web sites that allow you to share videos. Create brief videos that are on point, try to insert some funny, amusing, or comic elements or make use of some popular events in the media so you can draw all the attention on your videos. Offer free report copies or discount codes at the end of the video and spread the good news to a larger audience. You will also need to use specialized tools to measure your online marketing results and discover the areas that need to be improved to reach you initial goals. Stay tuned for a continuation of this mini-guide on how to grow your business using online advertising.

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