Can I Use A Simple Website Template To Create Responsive Websites?

A simple website template, a hosting service and a few SEO tools used to be the basic things most small or mid-sized companies needed to put their show on the road. But simply going online is not enough anymore. The need to become highly visible and actively present online has gained a different meaning. In the smartphone and tablet era, everything needs to evolve, adjust, and fully adapt. Using the responsive website template approach is the key to business success, according to web specialists.

All the web templates on this website have modern and user friendly designs.

  • What Is A Responsive Design Template?

    Even though many referred to 2013 as the climax year for the responsive web design implementation, not everyone has jumped into the wagon just yet. If you are unfamiliar with the idea of a responsive design template, read on. Our site struggles to bring to you the best, most efficient simple templates for a vast variety of business needs. And to help you step into the future, we are going to introduce to you the concept of responsive website template. This template features a design that enables web developers and designers to create a unique website that can cater to the needs of laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet users altogether. The multi-device environment we live in is making the need for responsive websites more burning than ever. Fully integrated marketing projects are useless without the proper online platform to sustain them. Having a site that renders perfectly for smartphone, tablet, and laptop users at the same time is the 2014 trend for most business people.

  • Do You Need To Use A Responsive Website Template?

    Unless you have absolutely no competition or you don’t need to run or promote your business online, you do not have to follow the responsive trend. However, if you know your clients, customers, or prospects are all using various devices to visit your website – a site which fails to load fully functional and pleasant-to-the-eye pages – you definitely need to do the right changes. Welcoming your mobile visitors with the simple website template approach that is not responsive is never a good omen. If 30%, 40%, or even 50% of your visitors, clients, and prospects are visiting your site and getting a sub-optimal experience, they are less likely to start ordering or acting according to your goals. A simple Google Analytics date range comparison between mobile and desktop visitors for the past one or two years for any online company should show a serious growth in the number of mobile visitors. The trend is obvious: an individual will visit a website from work, email the link to his own inbox so he can revisit later on from his mobile device, while on the go.

  • How Much Will It Cost Me To Change My Simple Website Template?

    Your responsive design template’ makeover should not cost you more than several hundred up to a few thousand dollars, depending on certain factors. If your simple website template can lend itself to be responsive, thing will be a lot easier and less expensive. If your site hasn’t gone through any important redesign changes in years, you should prepare to dig deeper in your pocket. Keep in mind the future will be nothing less but mobile. All specialized studies indicate the major shift to mobile devices when performing their online searches. In the US alone more than 60% of mobile owners are currently using a smartphone. And the Statista figures talk about more than 5 billion people that will be suing mobile phones by the year 2017. That’s a huge market that needs immediate responsive websites.